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Magnesium Carbonate

Filler materials may affect the tensility, toughness, or resistivity of primary material. Inorganic carbonate is well-known to dominate the filler market. One of the inorganic carbonates, magnesium carbonate, provides fire retardant and smoke suppressing ability, therefore having the main role as a filler in rubber and any polymer material which needs an improvement property related to fire and smoke prevention. Other than filler, magnesium carbonate is used in the food industry as a stabilizer. We provide magnesium carbonate in different grades, quantities, and packaging for your market and industry solution.

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Manufacturing Process

For industrial scale, magnesium carbonate is obtained through mining and manufacturing. The majority of the mining product of magnesium carbonate is in the form of magnesite mineral, while manufacturing needs magnesium bicarbonate which is generated from magnesium hydroxide and carbon dioxide reaction and magnesium carbonate is further vacuum dried to obtain magnesium carbonate.



Beauty and Personal Care

Magnesium carbonate controls the pH of cosmetics and has a role as an absorbent.

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Food and Beverage

Magnesium carbonate prevents the formation of the lump and stabilizes the flour to enhance its flexibility and miscibility.

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Magnesium carbonate improves tensile strength and reduces the weight of the rubber.


IUPAC Name : Magnesium Carbonate

Chemical Formula : MgCO3

Cas No. : 23389-33-5 or 546-93-0

Appearance : White Powder

HS Code : 2836.99.10.00